We reviewed the Google Nexus 10 tablet here and while we did like the display and the camera, it appears that the general public didn’t think the same thing. The Nexus 7 was seen by us as the tablet of the year 2012 and now there are some sales estimates out there to detail the success of the Nexus slate series.


Industry watchers such as Benedict Evans are the right people to judge the sales of the tablets from the Nexus series. Made by Samsung, the Nexus 10 went on sale in November last year and it was the first Android 4.2 tablet on the market, premiering the multi user feature and also premiering the way Jelly Bean looks on a 10 inch diagonal, which is something we criticized in our review.

Evans claims that there are around 6.8 million Nexus tablets sold and only 10% of that are Nexus 10s, meaning the device shipped around 680k units. Apple is said to have sold in the range of 10 million iPad Minis and keep in mind that we’re talking about a device that’s not typical for Apple, a cheaper and smaller one. Google is said to already be working on a Nexus 10 with an improved CPU and GPU, while next month we may see a Nexus 7 2. Will those be able to get better sales?

  • As a Nexus 7 owner and early adopter I still think the N7 is still the best 7 inch android tablet for price/value. I was surprised that the most popular 7 incher according to a recent article here is the Samsung Galaxy 2 7. Though the Sumsung offer is near 30 dollars cheaper to date the fact that it carries a proprietary plug is a deal breaker for me -its a senseless and pointless design decision by Sammy. Why people in business make pig headed, non-business driven decisions just leaves me non-plus.My point however is that the nexus 7 would be an unbeatable value proposition with an HDMI port.Don’t say it can’t be done Google, don’t be pigheaded about it – go do it as too many white box offers have amply demonstrated that ports can be included at a profit. Google proved a quality 7 could be offered at price but with the price of parts dropping I hope the would offer more for the money. Of my 7 tableIs I welcome being able to charge my nexus 7 with any ten android phone and USB combis I have around my house,in my car – on my way to work. Priceless.