Everybody is talking about baseball these days, with the movie “42” being at the top of the box office list. And now a pretty close sport, softball also hits the area of tablets, as a man filming a game with his iPad made the tech news after the tablet was hit by a foul ball.


It all happened in Northern Iowa, where an iPad user caught some shots of the players. You can watch the action in all its slow motion glory below, as the ball hits the hands and the iPad of the older man. It appears that neither of them suffered any impact and the man resumed shooting the action with the slate.

This may serve as a lesson for people doing photo or video capture at various sports events and exposing their expensive devices to shocks. Generally it’s a good a idea to film with something cheaper or at least more resilient, if you don’t want to lose your precious machine. However, a blow to the lens/objective may destroy even the sturdiest Canon…