As if the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series wasn’t enough, we are about to get even more tablets from Samsung soon. Or at least so it seems, judging by a fresh leak fresh out of Samsung Scandinavia. They’ve set up two support placeholder sites for the SM-T36x tablet line, as shown below.


Both sites are not populated yet with any data that could reveal details about the slates we’re dealing with. The naming code makes this a Galaxy Tab 4 device. This is a logical conclusion, since the SM-T33x is an 8 inch Galaxy Tab 4 and the SM-T53x is a 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 4. Of course this is all speculation for now, but we may end up with a new 9 inch tablet from Samsung.

The closest thing that comes to mind now is the Nexus 8/Nexus 9, but wasn’t that supposed to be made by HTC? Of course, we could end up with the unexpected: two new Nexus tablets, one made by Samsung and one by HTC, right? Once again, this is all pure speculation and there are no facts to go by. Which theory do you think is more valid? The Tab 4 one or the Nexus 8/9 one?