Mozilla’s brand new version of Firefox for Windows 8 tablets should be released to the general public in January, but now you can tr a pre release version by downloading Firefox Aurora. You need to set it as the default browser on your Windows 8 device.


The new browser relies on the same Gecko rendering engine as the other Firefox versions, meaning it can handle any website that opens in desktop view or on a mobile phone. There’s WebGL graphic support, HTML5 and the other features that are involved in a modern browsing experience. The UI is, as you can see designed with tablets and touchscreens in mind.

You can swipe from the top of the screen and see icons for browser tabs that are open or you can open a new one. The experience feels very much like Firefox for Android and it uses the same kind of tab preview as IE for Win 8 and Win RT. Remember that we’re still in the early days of the release, so the browser can feel slow at times.