Straight out of Google Korea comes the latest version of input, a new keyboard, that accidentally also leaked some Android 4.4 details. The new UI relies on a status bar that’s gray instead of blue and a bunch of other changes can be seen below.


The new system also changes the debug icon, that strangely resembles more the lime pie cake than the KitKat bar. We’ve heard multiple sources confirming the debut of the new Android in mid October and till then we can check out the screenshots here, that also include a flattened dialer. The pics show a lighter new color, grey icons on the status bar and the options of the messaging app have been moved to the top right.

Rumors talk about a release in mid October for the new Android, together with the LG Nexus 5. Everything feels cleaner and sharper and the design of the dialer somehow makes me think of Skype for some reason. It’s interesting that we’ve yet to see the app list here, so there must be some novelty there that we can’t see.