It appears that Motorola is having some problems with the brand that launched it into the world of Android: Xoom. The so called “Nexus” tablet Motorola Xoom has had its brand dismissed in court and Motorola lost the rights to use it.


The Xoom Corporation is not happy with this name obviously, so they took Moto to court and won the suit. This trademark infringement case leaves Motorola without the Xoom brand and they probably knew this was coming since last year’s Xoom 2 was actually dubbed Droid Xyboard in the States. As part of the settlement, the Xoom name will no longer be used, but we already stopped dreaming about a Moto slate, since they’re barely launching any phones these days.

Details of the settlement remain confidential, but with Google’s billions behind them, Moto can surely afford to pay up. Why do I have the feeling that Moto is more trouble for Google than profit? Will they have the same problem as Palm and be swallowed up by a giant and forgotten?