The upcoming Surface tablet from Microsoft promises to provide a whole experience without any of the limitations of the RT version. We recently managed to get a hold of the last and we’ll provide and extensive review in a short while. Meanwhile you might want to take a look at an overview of the upcoming Surface Pro.


Going for a complete Windows 8 experience, Microsoft is finally closer to releasing the Surface version we’ve all been waiting for. While a bit thicker and heavier then the RT version, the Surface Pro packs a hardware configuration worth of a high-end laptop and provides a unique productivity oriented user experience. Powered by an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge CPU the tablet is unlikely to offer any disadvantages in terms of performance while running the software desktop apps you usually own on your home PC.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro offers a complete Windows 8 experience seen through the “eyes” of a Full HD 1080p display that offers 209 ppi. The device provides a more then decent amount of on-board SSD storage, another advantage over the RT variant found lacking some good options in this regard. Microsoft has put an emphasis on productivity and provides the tablet with the same high quality accessories including the featured external keyboard. The tablet is the perfect example of the modern PC and the direction the manufacturers should consider when designing a device these days. The tablet is expected to be available next month.