After a detailed overview of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet we bring other news about the upcoming products from the software giant. It is said that the company is willing to move aggressively into the tablet market with the addition of more devices.


Rumors stated that Microsoft will expand its Surface line-up of tablets with the addition of new devices. We now get a first hint at the manufacturer’s strategy concerning the attractively priced devices we’ve seen in the Android and Apple line-up. Straight from Microsoft CFO Peter Klein we find that the strategy for the near future involves providing “providing more, better options for customers”,

Citigroup’s Walter Pritchard asked Microsoft CFO Peter Klein, “what do you think the outlook is in terms of getting price points down on the devices in aggregate in order to potentially drive some demand?” The CFO adopted a careful tactic as to not reveal any future plans Microsoft might have. The statement:

“we are working very closely with both our chip partners as well as the OEMs to bring the right mix of devices which means, to your point, the right set of touch devices at the right price point depending on the unique needs of the individual. We learned a lot about that and one of things you will see is a greater variety of devices at a bigger variety of price points that meet the differentiated needs of our consumers.”