Microsoft’s Courier booklet has once again been detailed, this time with a bunch of more plausible info. The device supports finger gestures, so if you pull out a one-finger tap-and-hold, you’ll clip content, while a one-finger flick will scroll vertically and turn pages.


Two finger gestures will open and close apps, while up and down will open an application. A swipe offscreen will close an app, while flicking toward the other screen (two fingers) slides it across. Pinches are also supported, used for zooming. All the content on Courier bears the name of “Infinite Journal”, just like a flowing Pagestream view, easy to manage even if it comes to emails, memos, weather or messages. Should we call it a “home screen”?

Search is also supported on Courier, being performed thanks to criteria like time, location, file name, tags and via handwritting recognition. The “Cloud” is also a feature on this device, so collaborators will be able to leave comments on shared portions of your journal. Also, the “journal” will be accessible from any web browser, probably from other PCs as well.


The booklet’s browser is sort of like a vertical Cover Flow, with the ability to easily clip content. The clip, tuck and paste feature is pretty interesting, since virtually any content can be tucked into the spine and moved from one section of Courier to the other. Even the pen of this device is more than meets the eye, as it comes with two buttons, an eraser and a twisting mechanism, that switches to a different drawing mode. The top button is the undo button.

Courier looks certainly more promising now, than when it was only a mere rumour, we think.


[via Gizmodo]