We’ve been writing about Microsoft’s Chromebook rival for a while now and it’s getting more and more real as the time passes. Tentatively known as Microsoft Cloudbook, the machine has just received its minimum specs over the past 24 hours via a leak.

This is a device powered by Windows 10 Cloud, basically a lighter version of Windows 10, that only lets you install apps from the Windows Store. It’s basically the return of Windows RT. The sheet of specs that came up online shows that an Intel Celeron quad core CPU, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage are the minimum specs for the newcomer.

Touch capacity is optional and a big battery is also required. That sounds pretty Chromebook-ish to me, restating the fact that these two are rival products. It’s basically enough power to handle document editing, web browsing and a few other basic tasks. A rumored starting price of $200 came up, with $500 as the higher end model pricing.

More details will be revealed in early May at a Microsoft education-focused event.