Speculations about a second generation of Surface Tablet have been floating around for months now and there was even a mention of a Surface Mini in a recent rumor. Next month will be the 1 year anniversary of the first Surface tablet announcement, so we’re bound to see a follow-up….


Sources say that we’ll see the debut of the new Surface at the Build Developer Conference next month, taking place between June 26th and the 28th. These sources pertain to the upstream supply chain and they claim that they’ve already shipped components for 1 to 1.5 million Intel-based units for the software giant since the end of 2012.

Microsoft only reached sales of 1.5 million units for the first gen Surface tablets, with one million being the Surface RT and the other 500k the Surface Pro. That’s about half of their predictions, so it didn’t go down that well. MS kept the partners from the first Surface initiative and they’ll be delivering components for the second model as well. I’m talking about Pegatron, Ju Teng for the chassis, Chungnam for switching, Samsung and LG Display for screens, LG Chem for batteries, Intel and Nvidia for CPUs and Chicony for keyboards.