Microsoft’s update for Windows 8 hits the compatible machines today and Windows 8.1 should be rolling out to millions of users by now. In order to get Windows 8.1 all you need is to have Windows 8 installed on your device and wait for the update to be delivered free of charge via Windows update.

Windows 81 Hero Image

If you aren’t running Windows 8, you can buy a copy of it at a retail store, or just go directly with a purchase of Windows 8.1 from Amazon for $119.99. One of the novelties you’ll notice from the start is that you have the option to swipe down and quickly access the camera when logging into the Windows 8.1 device.

Windows 8.1 also brings the ability to resize and organize your tiles, with program tiles having a varied selection of sizes (small, medium, wide and large). There are now more personalization options, including two color scheme adjustments for the background and the ability to show the current desktop wallpaper.

Windows 81 Apps

You can also boot directly to the desktop and bypass the Start screen and as you probably know the Start button is back. It can bring you to the Start screen or to the list of Installed Software if you right click the Windows taskbar and select properties. New apps included in Windows 8.1 feature a Bing cooking application, a Read It Later app, an improved calculator, a new alarm app and fresh applications for all major features, like Camera, Photos, Movie Moments and Fresh Paint.

Did you perform the update? What do you think?