Imagine if half of the global production of DRAM and two thirds of NAND flash manufacturing went up in flames and also 70% of all tablet display supply was gone. That would destroy entire industry segments and damage smartphones and tablets the most.


Chaos would ensue and the worldwide electronics supply chain will be in a big crisis. Major market product segments would be stopped and even PCs would be affected. How would that happen? Well, all of these elements are provided by the Korean peninsula and if God forbid a conflict starts, that’s what would happen to modern technology, according to IHS iSuppli. Technology firms are already preparing backup plans if such a conflict starts and also in case of natural disasters.

South Korea is one the most important nations worldwide when it comes to the global electronics business. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have their HQs close to Seoul, which in turn is only 30 miles from the border with North Korea. Any type of damage to the plants and company would make the market lose hundreds of millions of mobile phones and tens of millions of PCs and media tablets.

The display business would also be damaged, as LG and Samsung along held 49.6% of large size LCD panels in Q4 2012.