As it seems, the next big version of the Windows operating system for the desktop devices is almost ready for launch, as some familiar sources  with Microsoft’s plans revealed. Is expected that Microsoft to hold a special event on September 30, a day when the new OS will come out to light.


We get to know that a version called ‘Threshold’ is developed right now, following that a Preview version to be available for developers on September 30 or shortly after. With this Preview version, we could take a look on the new operating system prepared by Microsoft, an OS that will be called Windows 9.

Is expected that Microsoft to bring a lot of new features on this new update, functions that will be revealed on September 30 by Microsoft’s officials. Even if the Preview version is mostly dedicated to developers, we’ll get our hands too on this one, and we’re courious about the new UI changes and for the early version of Cortana.