Another month, another price reduction for the Surface tablets, this time with the Surface Pro 2 as the protagonist. Microsoft has cut the pricing for the Surface Pro 2 range of Windows 8 slates in the US, discounting them by up to $200.


The price cut follows a similar move in the UK, where the tablets were also down by up to 150 quid. This move is clearly caused by the Surface Pro 3 launch, but the Surface Pro 2 is still worth your money. There was also an education discount applied earlier this year. The Surface Pro 2 tablet offers a 10.6 inch Full HD display, an Intel core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM on the 64/128 GB models and 8 GB of RAM on the 256 and 512 GB units.

Finally, there’s also WiFi and Bluetooth on board. The 64 GB model is now priced at $799 down from $899, while the 128 GB Surface Pro 2 costs $899 down from $999. Finally, the 256 GB product has been priced at $1099, down from $1299 and the 512 GB one is $1599 down from $1799. Go right here to make a purchase, if you’re tempted.