As we may know, starting at the end of this week, the new Surface Pro 3 tablet will be shipped to the first customers who preordered it. Also, it looks that Microsoft managed to fix some glitches that are improving the experience of using the tablet.


We find out that some users, like Gabe (a digital artist) suggested that the home button is too easily activated when in use, and that there is a little bit of lag with the pen, a couple of glitches that will be fixed this week. Gabe, from Penny Arcade said that in the first thirty seconds of use, he realised how frustrating the home button placement was.

Microsoft will make some improvements at the home button, and when the pen will be in contact with the screen, the capacitive touch button will be deactivated so that a user won’t accidentally press it by mistake. Also, Microsoft engineers are trying to fix the pen lag issue quickly this week.

  • DeianStancu

    Another DOA product from M$ :))) They have children as Quality Inspection and kinder-garden engineers for design.

    Surface 2 Pro was a successful design, good battery life and good performance. Good Wacom stylus, better than this joke Ntrig. Price was a bit high, though, they could have lowered that, and presto! a better tablet already 🙂

    So you see what happens when management changes? A new idiot CEO that messes all. He wants a totally different product, two generations were fine and compatible, now he screws all users and forces them to upgrade to all accessories and throw old ones. And launching a design that is not studied and without feedback from users.
    And they complain that they sell only few units.