Microsoft China’s official Weibo account accidentally posted a teaser image of Windows 9, as shown below. The post was very quickly removed, in just minutes after the post, but the screenshots remain forever.


The post held the image you see here, as well as a question asking people whether the Start menu will appear in the lower left corner. As you’ve probably heard already, the Windows 9 Technical Preview is going to be released to the general public by the end of this month. This is a technical preview, that includes changes in the user experience, the UI and the background functionality.

Microsoft wants to include Live tiles in the new Start Menu, adopt a Windowed mode for modern apps, implement Modern UI 2.0, change the way the Charms bar works and integrate Cortana. There’s also a rumor about having to give up desktop mode if you use Metro UI and viceversa, at least on tablets. I guess it’s a matter of day till the OS leaks…