It seems like forever since we’ve heard of the first battery problems related to Surface Pro models. We’ve seen them surfacing on account of software updates, out of the blue or being fixed and then reappearing. Now the Surface Pro 3 has been under fire over the past weeks, for a problem with a rapidly draining battery, but Microsoft claims it’s on the case, ready to deliver a software fix.


It’s not a hardware failure, said Microsoft in July, so it can be remedied. The issue can be fixed with a patch, that’s in testing phase right now. It’s been a month of waiting for affected users, some of which may have already paid the $450 replacement fee believing it was a hardware problem. We have no idea if MS will provide compensation to those who paid for replacements, but it would be nice if they did.

Some people even paid the fee this Spring, even before Microsoft admitted there was a problem. Reading the whole thread on I also found some angry people, ready to trade in their Surface Pro 3 models for Lenovo slates and even ditching their beloved stylus, just to get rid of problems. Bad karma for Microsoft…