With Windows 10X pretty much put on ice for a while now, it appears that we’re out of novelties in the field of “Windows on mobile platforms” or a proper experience on ARM. However, there’s something cooking in the background. We’ve heard through the grapevine that Microsoft is working on bringing Android app support to Windows.

The info comes from Zac Bowden from Windows Central and it appears that Microsoft is flirting with the idea of bringing Android apps to the Microsoft Store. This feature could arrive as early as next year. Windows 10 already has a touch-friendly UI inspired by its predecessors and also works fine on tablets. Also, rival platforms like Chrome OS already had Android app support for a while now. The new feature would also let you use the same apps on the PC as those used on the tablet.

I’m not even mentioning that we’ll get rid of all the annoying emulators for those cool Android games and also sanctioned cheating for playing Call of Duty with emulators. There’s also the question of payment and I guess that an app you’ve paid for in Google Play may require a new payment in Microsoft Store. There’s also the problem of device discrimination: what it the apps only appear on tablets and not regular PCs? What it’s a touch-focused app that works badly on a non touch computer?

Microsoft may be making moves after seeing Apple offer support or iOS and iPadOS apps on Macs with Apple Silicon chips. Of course, you CAN run Android apps on a Windows PC using Bluestacks, GenyMotion and more. However, it’s never native and sometimes buggy. The demand is there and it would make life easier, as we’ve said it for years now that the Microsoft Store is far from being populated.