Microsoft has just started pushing out a bit Surface RT update and also some updates for the Surface Pro tablet. Aside from updating their software, there are a few tweaks brought to Office 2013 as well. Issues are being fixed, particularly the connectivity ones, but more about the changelog is available below.

Surface Update

Just for a quick recap, at last count it appeared that about 1.5 million Surface Pro and RT models were sold so far. The April changelog for the update includes improved Surface WiFi connectivity, “Limited” connectivity issued resolved and support for a wider range of access points. There’s also a performance enhancement, that resolves system crashes caused by some WiFi issues.

The Surface Pro also got a bunch of similar updates, resolving an issue with the touchscreen navigator in the UEFI boot menu, some Type and Touch cover connectivity issues and providing support for 106/109 keyboards on North American devices. Another corrected issue is the one of the toggled airplane mode, that would disable the WiFi driver. The update takes about 10 minutes or so, just so you know.