We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the iPad 5 lately, especially regarding the debut of its production and its sales, so it was about time we got a picture to match the rumors. What you see below comes from France, courtesy of nowhereelse.fr and it’s a bunch of pics showing the front panel of the iPad 5.


The device is said to either debut in an event this month or in Fall. Seeing how rare the rumors and leaks are, nothing points towards a close release of the device, so it may come this autumn. As shown in the image, the slate adopts a design similar to the iPad Mini, with smaller side bezels and elongated design. Chinese sources have produced these pics and evidence regarding the iPad 5.

There are two theories here: this is either the hand of an adult and this is the iPad 5, or a small person’s hand and this is the iPad Mini. There was another picture published in January showing a similar border pattern, so it’s all beginning to come together now. Expectations for the iPad 5? New design, thinner, lighter, same resolution, possibly better camera and better CPU, plus fingerprint authentication.