There are a lot of rumors saying that Apple will have a surprise event this month, meant to launch a new iPad, namely the iPad 5. However, a recent report from Digitimes is saying that we should wait for the slate to arrive this Fall.


Its production is expected to start in July or August, getting the product ready possibly for an October/November debut, like last year. It’s still too soon for a new main iPad, although the iPad 4 didn’t quite feel like a big upgrade, since it merely added a new CPU and a new port at the bottom. Meanwhile, the iPad 5 is expected to be thinner, lighter and sport smaller bezels and a look closer to the iPad Mini rather than the usual “maxi” iPad.

Other improvements expected here include maybe a camera bump, also a slight CPU enhancement wouldn’t hurt, since you can’t only deliver a piece of metal with a different design and the same specs, right? The fingerprint authentication rumored for the iPhone may also make its way to this product…