The Surface Studio is seen by many as the most revolutionary product to come out of Microsoft for a long while and thus it’s getting a lot of promo and explanatory videos to help with its functioning. The latest one shows how to unbox and set up the device.

In spite of being a $3000 machine, this product has been the object of desire of many people, for its beautiful design and hardcore specs, plus the excellent 28 inch PixelSense display. Shipping with a Core i5 or i7 CPU and up to 32 GB of RAM, plus up to 4 GB of video memory, this device is elegant even from the unboxing.

The video shows how to unbox it without breaking it, set up the product with the pen, keyboard and mouse and properly use it for work and similar purposes. The box and packaging remind me of an Apple device, but there are also some common elements also seen on an Xbox or a laptop sold by Microsoft Store, something made by HP or Dell maybe.

From what I see wires are kept to a minimum and the device doesn’t even take up a huge amount of space on the table, in spite of having such a big screen.