Here’s a confusing piece of news: Microsoft is expanding to new retailer and it’s increasing production of the Surface tablet. Although lately we’ve found out that the orders for such tablets were cut in half, now it appears that Microsoft has a renewed faith in its freshest product.

The idea that Microsoft would cut orders of the Surface in half contradicts the one that production is increased, so one of them is not real. The idea of expanded availability of the Surface tablet to retail outlets is actually a pretty good one, since the fact that Microsoft limited the sale of its tablet to its own stores. We’re looking forward to seeing the device at Best Buy and Walmart, to see then how it really performs, since the device has a lot of potential.

I only hope that Microsoft won’t rush the Surface 2 too much, since it would cut into its own share and make the people delay buying a Surface, as they wait for the new model. This flagship device will be available at the middle of the current month in non Microsoft retail locations and I expect some solid Xmas sales, to be honest. Analysts predicted 600k units sold in the fourth quarter. Does that seem like a realistic amount to you?