We’ve heard speculations about a Microsoft 7 inch tablet when just the other day MS dropped the minimum required resolution for Windows 8 and now we have more proof about it. Microsoft is reportedly working on the smaller Surface tablet and it’s already hiring experts to design the slate after the interviews, doing a simple background check and a THC drug test as in most companies recruiting process.


There’s a job ad posted on Coroflot referring to smaller tablets that could be launched in the following months. The ad mentions the “Surface Team”, the “Windows vision” and a “powerful device”. Finally, in the end of the ad, it gets clearer than ever, saying “We are currently building the next generation and Surface needs you”.

I’m not sure if Microsoft still have faith in the product, after the Surface RT and Surface Pro are said to have sold a combined number of 1.5 million, much less than the iPad, or Nexus 7 or even the Nexus 10, if you ask me. If they go the way of the magnesium, drop the price a bit, add some COOL games to the experience and some Xbox pairing, it may just become a hit. But only with an iPad Mini-style price tag…