Microsoft Surface Duo continues to be underwhelming, but at least the price is dropping. Microsoft announced that it was dropping its price at $999 in USA and that it would bring the device to Europe this month. Sadly, the European price is hefty…

Microsoft will be selling the Surface Duo in UK, France and Germany from February 18th onwards, priced at 1549 euros. This equals $1877, an obscene amount of money for the starting 128 GB version. The foldable launched last summer has been plagued by bugs, a cracking plastic portion next to the USB-C port and also screens that sometimes just won’t start. The $999 US price tag may appeal to some people, since it’s a $400 price drop from the original asking price. The 256 GB model is now $1099.

The device has inside the already old Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Oddly enough it has a singular 11 MP camera and it’s front mounted. There’s 4G LTE, no 5G though and also merely WiFi 5 supported here. The 360 degree hinge and dual screen design set it apart from other foldables, on account of a screen separation that’s pretty large, not a single unified screen like the Galaxy Fold or Z Fold 2. Surface Duo uses two 5.6 inch AMOLED panels with a 1800 x 1350 pixel display and 401 ppi density.

Together they provide 8.1 inches of display aread and a 2700 x 1800 pixel resolution.