After so many Chuwi and Teclast tablets, we take a break and check out an Onda device this time, a 10.1 inch dual boot slate, that works in tandem with a keyboard. Said keyboard is also unboxed below, but it’s sold separately, at $48. The slate goes for $175 on GearBest and runs both Windows 10 and Remix OS 2.0 based on Android Lollipop.


Inside the box of the tablet we find the USB/DC cable for charging, the USB OTG cable used to connect mice, keyboards and USB drives, plus the charger and manuals. The slate itself is quite pretty, in its gold hue and sloped design, that features a thicker top part and slimmer bottom part, an interesting approach for a sub $200 device.

The product comes with the usual setup of specs we’ve seen lately, including 4 GB of RAM, a 10.1 inch Full HD screen, the Intel Cherry Trail CPU and 64 GB of storage. It throws in a micro HDMI port, ditches the main camera and only uses a front 2 MP shooter. There’s a 6000 mAh battery inside and we also get a microSD card slot.

The keyboard attaches magnetically and using metal pins. It’s quite comfy, the keys are well spaced and we also get an extra full USB port. This feels like a very nice combo, a sort of netbook like back in the days, but more powerful. You can get the tablet here and the keyboard here.