Microsoft debuted in early October two interesting devices, the Surface Neo and Surface Duo. They are both dual screen units, that use Windows 10X and Android respectively. Now according to professionals like ios app developer melbourne, Microsoft feels the need to clarity a sort of guideline of future app development for these platforms. We have details below.

Microsoft makes it very clear that the Surface Duo will run all Android apps from the Play Store, while the Surface Neo runs UWP and Win32 apps. Microsoft recommends developers to code for the new class of devices, by using the key postures and layouts on dual screen and foldable PCs. Native app developers will get a common model from Microsoft, layered onto platform-specific tools that already exist and also frameworks for Android and Windows.

Web developers will have to deal with standards-based models. Microsoft is going to work on web standards and PIs to allow devs to take advantage of cross platform dual screen capabilities. I should remind you that the Surface Duo and Neo are coming in the holiday season of 2020, so there’s a bit time left till then. Don’t get me wrong, current websites, apps and software are able to work on dual screen devices and foldables, however there should be a special layout change, if you want to multitask properly.

Some apps may be stretched, waste space or not use the dual screen paradigm properly. Microsoft would do well to combine Android and Windows 10X somehow, or maybe port some apps. That door has been closed though with Project Astoria, as far back as 2016.