Microsoft executive Frank Shaw took a stand and defended Windows 8, that came under fire recently, as it was compared with… New Coke. It’s true that you can’t compare an OS to a can of soda, but you can compare the rise and fall of a brand.


Frank Shaw, the Microsoft VP of corporate communications has written a blog post that defends MS and responds the criticism brought by media outlets, who bashed the company’s latest OS. They said that comparing it to Coca Cola’s rework of its coke formula is ridiculous. Shaw says that a computer OS can offer a ton of different experiences to different customers and it also moves the entire industry forward.

The same official claims that Microsoft is listening and they’re taken in the feedback and preparing some changes brought to Windows 8. Shaw also calls the OS a “good product”, although even Ballmer admitted at some point that it’s less than stellar. Windows Blue will really tell us if Microsoft really understood the feedback and acted upon it.