Seeing how the Surface Tablet is seen as a bit of a failure when it comes to sales, at least in the eyes of the analysts/experts, it would be about time that Microsoft expanded the sales of the Surface slate into retail stores. Right now in USA you have to resort to a Microsoft retail store near you, or place your order online via Microsoft’s website.

That’s not exactly the best retail placement one can imagine and considering the reception that the Surface RT got, a bigger exposure could help Microsoft, obviously. So, in this case the rumors about Microsoft moving to the retailers for its Surface distribution may end up being real. Speculations say that we’re only days away from seeing the Surface getting a big retail push and reach the shelves of Best Buy, Walmart and others.

Initially MS wanted to wait till 2013 to pull this move, but they need to generate at least some sales at Christmas time, in order not to fall flat at the end of the year. This is also a good way to train for the release of the Surface in other parts of the world, where Microsoft retail stores aren’t available. And then there’s the Surface Pro coming, so retailers also have to be ready for that.