Microsoft may be relying too much on the golden days of Windows XP and Windows 7, but when the Windows brand has become a shame, represented by Windows Phone and Windows RT, that means you might as well ditch that brand. Paul Thurrott, author of over a dozen of books related to the topic and also a blogger on all things Microsoft is saying that Microsoft has abused the Windows brand and lost its touch.

Initially MS lost reputation in the Windows area with the failure called Vista, that scared people away with compatibility issues and poor performance on some laptops. And then came the iPhone and a bit later the iPad, so Windows 7 wasn’t enough to fight the post PC invasion. Now Windows RT seems like a small attempt at regaining the Microsoft fame, but honestly it’s doing worse than Vista. Windows 7 was a loved release, but the problems with security that Win XP had, crippled the reputation of Windows and made people not appreciate it as much.

Windows Phone launched in 2010 with the image of an unsecure OS and a sea of devices that all look pretty much the same and do the same things, plus they offer less than the competition. Today, the highest end Windows Phone units are at the level of Android midrange phone, so yet again the Windows branding is falling. And with Windows 8 tablets with Intel CPUs coming soon, they will probably flop too, because of poor battery life and big prices. One idea would be ditching the Windows brand in favour of “Surface” for example, but for more about that, you have the source article…

  • Davey

    What a self indulgent load of rubbish!!!

    Congratulations… You’ve just been removed from my feed list. It’s actually been on the cards for a while. This tipped it over the edge.

  • Steve Roberts

    I’m with you !!

  • 1stkorean

    I have to agree with Davey below. Talk about something staying the same better have a look at the iCrap line of devices, they all have the same tired design for 5 iterations, and basically do the same as the previous iteration.
    I happen to love my Windows 7 desktop, my Windows 8 laptop and now my Surface RT tablet and to me Windows has not tarnished one bit. Oh Yeah I have a Windows 7 phone too.

  • I agree, the man simply does not understand that he does not understand.

  • 1stkorean

    Well put James Scott