As previous leaks indicated, it seems that Microsoft it’s getting ready for the launch of a mini Surface tablet that could pack a 8.1 inch display instead of the 10-inch actual display found on the Surface tablet. This possible launch could be announced during the Build 2014 conference that debuts today with the Keynote event.


According to a tweet posted in Japanese, Microsoft will launch some peripherals for the Surface tablet today on April 2. If we take this tweet as real, then we can quit the idea of the existence of a Mini Surface tablet and wait for june when this model could be announced.

Anyway, today will be a great day for Microsoft in the Build 2014 conference where we expect to see the new Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, the new Windows 8.1 update for desktop and some details about Windows 9. During this event we could also see some new Nokia WP 8.1 devices like the Lumia 630 or the Lumia 930.