Windows Phone is supposed to be the fastest growing smartphone operating system, with a huge 275% growth rate. And now more good news for Microsoft, since NetMarketShare reports that Windows 8 owns 9.25% of the desktop market.


1.72% of all market share belongs to Windows 8.1 while the other is 7.53% is Windows 8. Windows 7 and Win XP are still the top products among the Windows with 46.42% and 31.24% respectively. Overall, Windows owns 90.66% of the desktop market share and it’s trailed by Apple with 7.73%. Microsoft wants to score big time during the holiday season, looking at 16 million Windows devices expected to be sold.

It appears that 20% of PCs that are shipping this holiday season will come with Windows 8.1, while the remaining 80% will run Windows 8. Interestingly enough Microsoft has found a solution for that: they’ll ship a special USB Windows 8.1 Upgrade Kit, so upgrades are easier. Microsoft plans to invest $405 million in funding and marketing for the latest Windows, which is almost double compared to last year.

Desktop Operating System Market Share