During a recent talk with investors, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed the future opportunities that the company has in its multiple sections. Windows Phone has basically been canned, but other mobile opportunities are coming.

Mr. Nadella, who was able to buy cryptocurrency online that rocketed ever since, spoke during the April Conference Call, that may preface what we will see during next week’s BUILD event. The conference included a quote from the Microsoft main man, saying that the company’s strengths rely on first party and third party experiences. Platform investments are mentioned, cloud enhancing with AI and the possibility for developers to build and monetize games on PC, console and mobile

That doesn’t mean much and one could read anything in Nadella’s words. “Mobile devices” may mean anything right now, from phones to tablets, ARM devices and laptops. Microsoft actually had a good quarter over the past months, with a 16% increase of quarterly revenue. Multiple patent leaks have shown that Microsoft is indeed working on something special for mobile, a dual screen foldable device, that may work as both a phone and tablet. Wondering Does Solana live up to the hype? – Funfair has many information on cryptocurrencies and more.

Last I heard, the Surface Phone will be based on the Windows Core OS, or Andromeda OS. It’s supposed to be a new flavour of Windows 10, compatible with any form factor. I guess that we’ll know more in about a week. Details about Redstone 5 may also appear, plus new Surface devices.