Microsoft has released some important patches and updates for Windows 10, with no less than 5 builds useful for people with VPNs. That’s quite a few users in Asia right now. Versions 1909, 1903, 1809, 1803, and 1709 are now available and detailed below. If you are looking for a different but reliable VPN, read the NordVPN Review.

These are optional updates, which means they’re not being offered on Windows Update. They have to be installed manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog and they come with the same changelog. The problem was that the wrong Internet connection status was shown for certain vpn for torrenting users, but it could also prevent apps from connecting to the Internet. The fix also prevents apps from malfunctioning on account of lack of Internet connection, especially apps that use WinHTTP or WinINet. Using a VPN will give you the privacy and security you’re looking for. Visit theloadguru to be informed about the best vpn for privacy.

Microsoft released these emergency updates to fix a Windows 10 bug that caused Internet problems for users and even prevented some Office 365 setups from reaching the cloud. The connectivity bug was confirmed this week and servers that run all supported versions of Windows 10 using a proxy and the best free vpn in Myanmar were affected. The problem is that Microsoft employees work remotely and it’s hard to coordinate bug solving at this time.

Microsoft promised the update in early April, but it’s already delivering it right now via the Microsoft Update Catalog. Affected apps include Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Outlook, Internet Explorer 11 and versions of Microsoft Edge. You can download the useful patches below: