You probably know already that Google started offering factory images for Android 5.1.1 for the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 and today we learn that Android 5.1 is coming to the Nexus 9.


“Soon” is the best we could find out and for some reason the Nexus 9 stays stuck at Android 5.0.1. Strangely, this is the only device left behind right now and even the Nexus 4 got more love update-wise. Google’s Sascha Pruter posted an update related to Android 5.1’s arrival on Nexus 9.

The official announced that the Nexus 9 OTAs aren’t very far away, but if you ask me we shouldn’t read too much into his words, since he works on Android TV rather than pure Android. The Nexus 9 has been slapped a bit in its first reviews last year and it has been very rarely covered by the media since.

There’s a general feeling that the product is a bit of a letdown… is this the reason for the lack of updates?