Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft announces Surface Tablet

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Tablet during an event held in Los Angeles. This is truly a revolutionary product, from the materials used to make the casing to the powerful hardware configuration. It runs the full featured version of Windows 8 and is compatible with the latest apps designed for Microsoft’s OS.

Design. Microsoft has really done a great job with this 10.6 inch tablet. The case is made of magnesium, giving it a ultra rigid and light frame at only 1.5 lbs. As they stated, “It’s the first PC with a magnesium case,“. It’s very thin at only 9.3mm, the edges are beveled at 22 degrees so holding it feels natural while maintaining the full size USB 2 ports. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.

Hardware. While no detailed information has been released about the hardware configuration, we know that it is powered by Intel. It’s very power efficient, uses less energy then the new generation Intel Core i5 CPU’s. It has has perimeter venting that you will not block with your hands.

Accessories. The tablet itself is equipped with a kickstand that you can use at any time for watching movies and such. There is a magnetic smart cover, iPad style but very different. The cover turns into a full QWERTY keyboard that you can use for fast typing and it of course comes in different colors. There is also a digital ink pen that magnetically attaches to the tablet.

Availability. The Microsoft Surface will be available in 32GB and 64GB storage options and it will be priced to compete with the ARM running tablets popular on the market now. The Intel version will have higher storage capacities.

We will have a more detailed article coming soon so stay tuned.