Microsoft is ready to expand the Surface lineup further, so after finding out they’re bringing the Surface Pro 5 out next year, now it seems that MS is ready to get back to basics. Surface was originally a huge smart table of sorts and now we don’t exactly go there, but close enough, with an All in One PC.


Reliable sources have confirmed that the Redmond firm is working on an all in one PC with Windows 10 on board, with a Q3 release promised and the living room targeted. It’ll rely on Intel’s new Kaby Lake 14 nm CPU, the follow up to Skylake and rumors also talk about a “modern and elegant” design, comparing the device to a premium appliance or furniture.

Sadly, we don’t have a clear idea of the specs of the device. All in One PC may be in this case a fancy name for another Surface table, a hub for the living room where all the family can play, work and enjoy media content. Right now Apple’s iMac and Lenovo models are market leaders in the AIO area. Lenovo has the Yoga Home 900 PC working for it.

Rumors also say that Microsoft may combine the PixelSense table-PC concept from 2005 with a new Surface Hub. We’ll have to wait and see.