The upcoming Google Nexus tablet aka the Nexus 7 has once again leaked online, this time through a photo taken with its camera. The proof is the EXIF data of the shot, that once again confirms the device is made by ASUS. The image appeared on Picasa, hinting that the slate is truly real and apparently the picture was taken inside the Google HQ.

It’s not a very thought provoking picture, since it only shows a ceiling, but the EXIF data attached here is the real gold. The device is being called ASUS Nexus 7 for now and the pictures were taken between June 7th and the 13th and uploaded to Picasa by a Google employee. The location were the photo was taken is building 44 of the Google HQ. Of course, you can fake all the data, but other previous leaks like that turned out to be real, so we’re cautious here.

I guess now it’s time to start waiting for a benchmark or maybe even a leaked video. Supposedly the 7 inch Nexus tablet will be announced at Google I/O in about 10 days or so and hit the stores in July for as low as $199. Details are still uncertain and we can’t even tell if this model is a dual core or quad core unit. The photo doesn’t seem impressive and makes me think of a 3MP or 5MP camera, rather than 8MP for example.