We knew for a while now that Microsoft was preparing an affordable Surface Tablet and now we learn more about it. Apparently, the device will cost $400 and it’s going to be launched later this month. It has also leaked in a benchmark known as OpenCL.

The results were shared by a Twitter user, which is also an ex Microsoft employee, known as Mouni Reddy. They show that the device goes against the last year Apple MacBook. We’re dealing with a Surface device that runs on an Intel Pentium 4415Y. The MacBook 2017 ran on a Core i5-7Y54 CPU, by the way. The results are quite surprising, as the Microsoft machine gave a 15.992 point score, while the MacBook was at 17.647.

Of course this is a prototype we’re talking about. The tweet with the info we just mentioned could maybe have the price wrong, so don’t bet on it. The new Surface device is said to come with a variety of CPU options and the Pentium 4415Y is going to be on the higher end of the spectrum. A $400 price tag for the model mentioned above means a lower price for the Pentium Silver processor units.

The rumored Surface Tablet has appeared much less in the news compared to the Andromeda for example. And that one is even supposedly cancelled at this point. We’re expecting that the Microsoft fall lineup will include maybe a Surface Pro model, the budget Surface unit mentioned above and also a Surface Book new generation machine with a newer CPU. Always expect bigger prices…