LG’s going the Nokia way in promoting its upcoming G-Slate tablet, but they haven’t used celebrities like Pamela Anderson, but rather more indie names. For starters we spotted the G-Slate in K-Pop artist Seungri’s video and now it has surfaced again for a few seconds in a video posted on the MysteryGuitarMan’s YouTube channel.

The device is incredibly sleek, it’s Google-branded and strangely, it’s not similar to the one seen in the Seungri video, or at least its back isn’t. There’s a metallic strip that separates the cameras and the Google logo at the back, remind us of the LG Optimus 2X design. Also, there’s an LED flash in there and some mysterious connectors at the bottom, possibly having to do with the use of the slate in landscape mode.

To skip straight to the G-Slate in the video, go to 3:40: