Marvell has just announced that it intends to launch some tablet PCs based on the Moby reference design and these products will be made available in India in the first half of 2011. These devices will be based on the Armada 168 CPU, that has the advantage of low power consumption.

Among the devices announced by Marvell there will be a $99 educational slate prototype, but it’s likely that in the end the product will cost more than double the amount. This is due to the distribution and custom duties. We also learn that the models available in India will also reach China and then Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Marvell’s partners will provide 7 inch slates with specs like capacitive LCD displays, 720p video capture and WiFi. These models will run Android and rely on open source software. The Moby reference design will most likely generate a bunch of hot selling products, thanks to their low price point and specs.