For the past few years Lenovo has been the number one tablet maker in India and some other parts of Asia and the trend continues. The figures for Q2 2019 are in and the company secured a 32% market share in the tablet market in India.

At the same time, the second placed brand is Samsung, with 17% and iBall, a local Indian tablet brand gets about 15%. Market analyst firm CMR just released the figures for the Q2 time frame. They show Lenovo on top, in both sales and market share. The overall tablet market shrunk by 20%, so things aren’t looking that great, even though Lenovo registered growth.

The decline is found in comparison to the Q2 2018 time frame. The best selling Lenovo tablets are the Tab 4, Tab 8 and Tab 7 models, at the top of the rankings. Those 3 managed to get about 70% of the Lenovo tablet sales in India. The problem with the Indian tablet market and the tablet market in general I would say is that there’s a lack of differentiating features between device and also the upgrade cycles are longer.

Apple managed to also grow a little, thanks to the iPad Mini series, as well as the new iPad Air. Apple now stands at 14% market share and Samsung is expected to get a boost from the launch of the Tab A 10.1 2019. CMR predicts a bit of a bounce back and potential growth in Q3.