A brand new Samsung Galaxy foldable phone patent has popped up online, sporting a Z Fold design. What this means is that we’re getting a larger flexible screen, that’s able to fold in multiple parts.

One of the parts folds forward, while the other goes backwards. It reminds me of the Xiaomi triple fold phone from earlier this year, except for the fact that said device folded on the lateral sides. This one has folds that overlap. A twice folding phone has been proposed before, so we’re not exactly surprised by it.

The concept mimics a wallet for example and has received the name of “Z Fold”. The patent was approved at the end of May and it includes 23 sketches. This multifunctional device has a large flexible screen with very narrow bezels. It can be a large tablet, a smaller one, or a phone, depending on the way you fold it.

There’s no seam here and the device is actually slimmer than expected. We have no buttons or connectors visible on the smartphone and it all feels too good to be true. I’d say we’re a few years away from this becoming real, since it sounds too optimistic an easily breakable.

Patent is one thing, but a real device produced on a mass scale is a whole different ball game. The Z Fold is a nice idea, that’s hard to put into practice. I also notice a penchant for wide screen use here, in the open tablet mode.