It’s been half a year since the Lenovo Smart Display was announced, back at CES 2018. It finally goes on sale today, after being up for preorder in June. This machine is part of a new lineup of products, that combines smart speakers with tablets and focuses on virtual assistants.

Here Google Assistant is the key and Lenovo Smart Display comes with it and a screen as an extra from the Google Home or Apple HomePod for example. The screen means you can also visualize info and watch YouTube videos, probably for cooking while in the kitchen. The screen should offer suggestions for follow-up questions to improve interactions. There’s also news, weather, sports info and all sorts of extras.

Lenovo Smart Display is priced at $199 in the 8 inch version and $249 in the 10 inch version. The small device provides an 8 inch 1280 x 800 pixel display and it comes with support for Chromecast, Google Duo, Google Photos, YouTube, Spotify, Nest and Philips Hue. There’s also a TrueBlock Privacy Shutter and microphone mute button to protect your privacy.

As far as acoustics go, they’re serviced by a powerful 10 W full ranger speaker with a dual passive radiator for a loud experience. The bigger model offers a Full HD screen.

2X2 microphone arrays, up to 4 GB of flash and up to 2 GB of RAM are here, too. You can get the device here.