Lenovo showcased a foldable tablet/laptop a few weeks ago, but it’s only now that they’re patenting such a device. A folding PC has been patented by the company, that focused a lot on improving the typing experience.

Lenovo was a bit of a master of that, considering the Lenovo Yoga Book was quite functional in that regard. To be honest we’ve seen foldable devices of the sort before, in plenty of formats (just patents, designs, concepts though). The documents mention a foldable electronic device and a method for its production. One of the document sketches shows a foldable display module, for an electronic computing device.

The foldable display module includes a left display module section, that’s hinged to the right display module section. The product includes a connector, that pivotally connects the foldable display module to the foldable input module. The way things are attached, it all feels a bit like a wallet. The second body involved here includes a third and fourth body sections, that can move in relation with the others.

You can basically fold the display and the keyboard. Basically Lenovo wants to propose a multi foldable device, that would expand input space over and over again. I’ve seen designs like these before. You know where? Foldable tables for picnics, those metal ones. Maybe also ping pong tables…