We love to cover original devices, mainly tablets and today we’ve got one. It’s called Memomate and it’s a 6.5 inch E-Ink display machine used for note taking and it sports a 10.000 mAh battery pack used to recharge other devices while you’re busy travelling. It’s also got an optional wireless charging mechanism.

For sure it’s a rather bulky machine, but at least it serves more than one purpose. A portable wireless charging pad that also has a battery in the mix is not something you see every day, for sure. There are also two USB ports here with offer power and microUSB and Lightning ports used to charge the device itself. The wireless charging abilities are triggered via an optional case that gets its power from an integrated USB cable plugged into the back.

The E-Ink screen is pressure sensitive and offers a pretty accurate writing experience, in spite of working with a pretty basic piece of software. Sadly you can’t save notes or drawings, sketches on the device, you just have a delete button, like the toys kids use to pretend they’re drawing. The maker of this product recommends you use your phone to snap a pic of the drawings.

Of course the price is pretty low for this contraption, $45 and it’s on Indiegogo right now. You have to pay $54 if you also want the wireless charging case. Both models ship in October. I should probably do a disclaimer that this device uses generic e-ink tech, not the trademark E Ink brand technology. The Indiegogo financing goal has been reached, so this device will actually be made.