2012 will be the year of quad core technology, that’s as sure as it gets and Lenovo is also planning on jumping on this bandwagon with a quad core LePad tablet. The info comes as a rumor, from the usual sources close to the company. Digitimes are quoting upstream supply chain partners as sources and saying that Lenovo is developing a new tablet with quad core processor.

It’s not yet known if they’re resort to the Kal-El Nvidia Tegra 3 processor or maybe go with a new TI OMAP solution. Lenovo partners claim that we should expect mass production to debut on January 1st 2012, which gives the device enough time to even appear at CES 2012, that takes place in early January. Lenovo released the ThinkPad and IdeaPad tablets till now, but neither of them made a particularly impressive splash. What people liked was the customized UI on both units, but that wasn’t enough to succeed.

The ThinkPad slate feels bulky, uncomfortable and its battery life is quite poor. The stylus action was good and so were the apps associated to it, but that’s never enough. Maybe with quad core processing power and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the game will change. I’m wondering if this quad core LePad tablet will be an enterprise gadget or one for multimedia consumption.