LeapFrog is a company that focuses on children’s tablets and they just introduced two new slates: LeapPad 3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi. The former can be seen below and as you can see, it looks quite a bit like a toy.


LeapPad 3 has a superior CPU compared to its predecessor and judging by its case, it’s protected against rough contact and spills. It uses a 480 x 272 pixel resolution on a 5 inch screen and inside is a 1 GHz CPU. The LeapPad Ultra brings WiFi support and both models come with games, apps, e-books, video and audio content. LeapPad 3 is priced at around $100 and it will be available in July.

Meanwhile, LeapPad Ultra XDi is priced at $130 and will come in 2015. I can see there’s a directional pad on the side of the tablet and also what looks like a front camera and a Home button. There’s a pet game here, a word game, music related activities and the child has a profile set up with his own avatar in the left corner.

Via padnews.com