Fuhu made the headlines today, when they unveiled the Big Tab, a huge tablet that’s meant for entire families. Fuhu is a brand that focuses on child-oriented gadgets and they unveiled a 20 inch and 24 inch of their Full HD Big Tab models, shown below.


Both slates come with a carrying frame, that also works as a kickstand and a 15 points capacitive touchscreen, a quad core Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU and 16 GB of memory. The OS here is Android 4.4.4, but there’s a software layer on top, called Blue Morpho. The tablet comes with a dual mode feature, that allows families to switch between the nabi mode and parent mode. The latter runs stock Android and works pretty much like a standard Android slate.

Once you swipe to the right, you’ll each the parental control area and access the nabi mode. This one is a launcher that holds all of the apps that kids would interact with. The nabi system also includes educational apps and games, like the Big Canvas app, that allows kids to draw, create animations and edit videos. There’s the Wings Learning System, used to learn Math, Reading and Writing and providing over 17,000 lessons and 300k questions.

Movies, games and books are also included, for the full package, plus multiplayer board games for the whole family. The Big Tab 20 inch tablet goes for $449 and comes this fall, while the 24 incher goes for $549.